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It is not the first time your business is facing extreme headwinds, although it feels otherwise. In the last 20 years, we have experienced stock market falls, Ebola, earthquakes, SARS, Swine flu, the 2008 recession, wildfires, and now Coronavirus. From our experience here at MacEQ, what got us through those disasters was our core belief in the United States and its economic resilience. We in the US, and especially here in California, own the most robust economy on the planet. We will recover from this disaster as we did get through the other ones. We may get hit but will come out stronger. It has taken years for your online presence to get to where you are. Your advertising has had a direct impact on not only how customers find you but on your clients' perception of your business and how enduring you are, so If you wish to adjust your ads or your ad budget, simply send us an email or call, and we will tailor your account accordingly. Above all, be safe, follow CDC's rules for protecting your family, your employees, and your loved ones. And please lend a hand to others who may not be as strong as you are; together we will get through the COVID-19 pandemic and will come out sound and productive again.

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but carefully and deliberately

Your analytics shows that you have customers visiting, but you are not happy with the number of people actually going through with sales?  There are two points to consider: First that we were just hit with the second wave which is forcing people back to shelter inside and second, in this new post-COVID world customers are hesitant to interact, to visit your restaurant, to come into your office, or to open their doors to your visit unless they are assured that they are not exposed to COVID. 


A slew of current ads on TV with the touchless interactions is an example of the length we have to go through to interact with clients. This is how it will be for the foreseeable future, so you will need to adjust and update your website. We suggest you show your customers how they will be safe with your existing procedures in place. Pictures and images speak a thousand words, so If possible display how protective of your patrons' health and well being you would be when interacting with them.


Although the opening of restaurants and bars, and places of congregation, brought about another infection wave, it also showed there is pent up demand. And as the visits to your website indicate there are prospective customers, you just have to convince them that you could deliver your services, safely! Of course, we advise you to restart your ads if you have not done it already. If you are in it for the long haul, your advertising will reinforce in people's minds that you are not an overnight outfit. It would also push you to find new ways to convince people to trust and shop from you again. It would not be easy, and business has never been, but when you figure your way around COVID, with new procedures and systems, there is money to be made. As ever we appreciate your business and are here to support you and your business. Be safe, and take care.


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