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Google Algorithms and Adwords, a sensible look

Google Algorithms and Adwords, a sensible look

A few years have passed since researchers at Oxford released a report predicting that almost half of all jobs in the United States will be lost to machines soon. Based on their calculations there is a 50% chance that programmers will be part of the group of professionals such as loan officers, store clerks, professional drivers and paralegals that will lose their jobs. So, it would not be a wise venture to try to learn how to do your website’s optimization and marketing, by the time you learn to optimize and present your website adeptly, your site could become optimized by Google automatically. The price of Website Optimization and Google Search Marketing management has dropped to levels that even a small business could now afford to have 20 or 30 or even more different banner ads. Your ads could be concurrently running in any market and the resulting analytics tabulated and reported to you weekly or monthly and for minimal cost. -Your business could receive all of this for $299 a month. It is entirely possible that your time and money is better spent expanding your business and servicing your clients. The phenomenal amounts of data that Google must process to present your website organically to your clients, has caused it to create algorithms that are partly self-correcting - yes algorithms generating new algorithm codes. So even Google engineers could not predict what would be the next change in their code and how best to have your site consistently yet organically displayed to your clients. In fact, this is already happening and mainly the reason why although many Search Engine Marketing Companies claim to guarantee that you will receive top rankings, this is just not possible. Due to the ever-changing and evolving nature of Google’s algorithm, there is no guaranteed method to display your site at the top page next month as sure as it is today, except for Google Ads!

To make sure your business has a chance to participate in the winning viewable pages and a surefire way for users to find you, take advantage of Google's Marketing platform: Google Adwords. It is true that while using Google Ads you will have to pay per click, but you will not be charged until your client clicks on your ad, regardless of how many times your ad is displayed. So Google has found a way to guarantee your ad will be presented to your clients because now their powerful algorithm engine is at your service, matching your product or service with the best and most accurate buyer. Our Google Ads Marketing System are available for $299 a month.

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