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Google and Search Engine Optimization- SEO, a Primer

Google, the world’s most influential search engine designed their search ranking engine in 1997 and has since updated their search algorithm many times. Google's immense acceptance by users has made Google synonymous with search.

Consequently, Google now drives the direction of SEO on the internet while causing search engine optimization (SEO) to become an integral part of any online business.

You need to follow several guidelines for more visibility if you want to utilize Google's algorithm to rank your site higher with Google. In search of improved ranking, many website designers used dishonest link exchanges and other unsavory methods such as keyword packing. That led to Google updating their Search Engine many times, and now Google harshly penalizes any site that participates in disingenuous methods to get around their recommendations for higher and better ranking and visibility. On the other hand, Google's many updates to their search algorithm have made Search Optimization into a nebulous practice.

That is why to ensure your appearance on the top pages, while not getting penalized for accidentally breaking Google's rules, you not only have to have your website accurately optimized but also employ Google Pay Per Click advertising. A simple method to drive up your ranking is posting original content but there are a few other techniques that help to rank your website higher organically. In future articles we will review a few methods to improve your optimization and also, we will examine the Pay Per Click Search marketing methods.

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