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Be positive and find the right words

Your language creates the first image of your business in customer's mind, so find the right words. Approach every communication with your customers as an opportunity to spark a connection, gain their trust and earn their loyalty. The best chance to build the right image in the customer's mind, who are interacting with your business online is woven into the fabric of the words spoken by you and your staff. From the receptionist answering your phone to your email correspondence, each interaction presents a chance to be pleasant and positive offering your firm as the right business to buy from. You do not need to be a polyglot to communicate with customers who come from many different backgrounds. The mighty American business norms spanning the globe have standardized the following points of interaction:

1-People may be used to dealing with the automated systems yet still differentiate a company with a phone-friendly, helpful human voice answering calls, so when possible answer calls quickly and by a human voice.

2- Make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate.. Put yourself in your customer's shoes; Is the information a customer would expect to find available and easy to find in a few seconds time? Are there quick conversion points on your website hinting your clients to reach you quickly and easily?

3- In correspondence, start with a friendly greeting and get to the point; Summarize what you hope to accomplish with the letter. Say what you mean precisely and state what you need from the recipient. Even in your invoices, use a friendly tone to start on a positive note. Every connection affords a new opportunity to gain your customers and suppliers' trust.

4- You may continuously be in touch with others through computers, phone calls, text, and other electronic forms of communication but more than any other way, human contact stands out and prompts a purchasing decision. Your language and words and even the tone of your voice have an impact on your message, and as a result, your customers’ emotions and decision making. Keep these basic rules to go by a. Do not preach, and Pay attention to make sure your client's paying attention. B- Repeat (only) as needed. C- Choose your words carefully- pick the words that could deliver an emotional punch: "Inexpensive" is better than "Cheap." "Absolutely" instead of "Yes," and if you are "Delighted" to see your customers, it goes without saying that you are "Happy" to see them. D- Avoid unnecessary complexity, but for maximum impact in writing use both long and complex as well as short and simple sentences. e- Always be sincere in your apology

So look for opportunities to make a human connection and set building customers trust and earning their loyalty as your first goal in business and the first rule that your reps should learn and follow.

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