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Hazards of the do-it-yourself Pay Per Click advertising

Many people have asked me how hard it is to get a Google ad PPC program up and running. Although many online articles suggest that you could get a PPC campaign up and running in just a few hours, the reality is often different than perception.

Small business owners embody the do-it-yourself gene and naturally gravitate to doing their SEO and PPC on their own. Generally, they start with SEO but soon find out that SEO takes time to ramp up and once they realize that you cannot get on the first page of Google overnight, they decide on starting a quick Google ad PPC campaign. "How hard could this Google Advertising be? After all, I set up my own Gmail and QuickBooks, right?"

Unfortunately, a "quick Google Advertising campaign" is a misnomer, and completely misrepresents what it takes to build a successful PPC program. So, let’s take a closer look at what the reality of creating a successful Google Advertising is, and why the do-it-yourself mentality could cost you a lot in the long term.

Right Keywords

Selecting the right keywords may not seem time-consuming as you can look up the keywords your competitor is using on their ads and start from there. However, your keyword selection is fundamental to your PPC advertising and the most critical part of your ad campaigns. There’s a discrepancy between picking a set of keywords and selecting the "right" set of keywords as finding the right set of keywords does take time and is only achieved after you test, refine, as well as select many negative keywords.

In the process, you ought to find how customers interpret the keywords in the context of your business and how to pinpoint google search to display your ad to your clients only and not "everyone." The correct set of keywords for a B2B client and a B2C audience differ and take time to get right.

Headlines, Descriptions, Extensions

As you are focusing your product or service toward different clients and different markets, the Google Headlines and Description texts require precise keywords selection. Not only do you have to be very familiar with the Google ads headline, and description body, you must be able to use the right extensions. Keep in mind that you would only achieve the best result through proper testing and refining. You could write an ad in an hour, but if you want your ad to produce positive results, you must test and refine your keywords.

Landing Page

Landing pages are critical to PPC advertising success. As with most people you probably thought of Google ads after your website was up and running, but you skip updating the landing page to your advertisement's detriment. So, take your time in creating a proper landing page while utilizing the right keywords that you used to create your ad's headline, description, and extensions.

Conversion Tracking Implementation

Implementing conversion tracking may seem hard, but it is one of the most important aspects of Google advertising; It may sound simple as all you have to do is set up a Google tag and place a code snippet on your page. However, to arrange accurate conversion tracking is far more time-consuming than you might imagine. Implementing proper conversion tracking requires considerable troubleshooting, and after every change, per Google recommendation, you need to give your ad a 14-day window to reflect your updates; hence Google tag tracking issues often take a long time to resolve and correct. You could bypass conversion tracking, but then you have no accurate way of measuring what’s working and what’s not.

You can build a Google PPC ad in a few hours; however, there’s a lot more to Google PPC ad design than applying the theoretical mechanics. The underlying assumption that you could master PPC quickly is absurd as Google PPC ad implementation bifurcates often, and your minor adjustments could wreak havoc on your end-results. As there is no real way to rush an ad's debugging process you must minimize the number of issues that require addressing as you build your ads and that expertise would take years to acquire.

Your hastily put together Google ads could easily get disapproved, or at best get many clicks but not enough conversion. Your Google advertising could quickly become complicated costing you in "bad" useless clicks, or worse lost clients; So, call Ron at MacEQ and for a nominal monthly charge have a professional put together your Google PPC advertisement.

Finally, don't dump the job on your SEO's lap. Your SEO's expertise is uniquely different, and in the process, you could waste away your money, benefitting your competitors. Hire a PPC expert and take advantage of the new AI-based Google PPC advertising; as with any AI self-learning system the longer you are in them, the better your results.

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