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New Analytics, a step in the right direction

So what is to the new Google claim that the new Google Analytics gets your business set up for the future and helps you understand your customers better, thereby creating a better experience for them. The fact is that Google is under pressure by Government agencies to watch how and when it collects traffic data. There are also newly installed artificial Intelligence engines that are now fully at work, collecting, analyzing, and directing clients to your website. The new AI, plus previously existing algorithms, may collect too much data from online people and learn more than legally allowed, so the new Analytics to the rescue.

This long-overdue update is, in fact, not bad for you as a person browsing websites, who may be concerned about how much the largest search engine in the world should be allowed to look inside your private data. And the update should also help streamline which clients are best directed toward your ads and your website. So, in short, Google's claim that the rapid changes in customer behavior and evolving industry standards for privacy (read new privacy laws) is challenging them on how best to get the insights it needs about your business is very much real. That is why Google recently introduced a new, hopefully, more intelligent, and less intrusive Analytics, which should be, in no small degree, a step in the right direction. Before migrating to the new analytics, we will give Google some time to get some of the early bugs out of the way. And of course, only time will tell if the new analytics would help us gain the essential customer insights we need to better your ads' quality and enhance your client's experience.


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