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Quad GPU Workstation.png

Multi GPU Workstations

Windows based, Nvidia GPU Worksations

Intel Core I9-10900X

10 cores, 3.7 GHz, 19.25 MB Cache

64 GB RAM, Upgradeable to 256GB

Hard Drive: 2 TB SSD SATA (NVME)

1 Year Warranty and Support

Prices start at $9,786

‎Blockchain Solutions · ‎Deep Learning Solutions · ‎Storage Solutions

Leadtime 3-5 weeks, fill out an inquiry form to receive updated pricing

Blockchain Solutions
Solutions from dual GPU to 18 GPU stations are available
Deep Learning Stations
Storage Solutions

SATA/SAS hot-swap drive chassis

72 by 2.5 SATA SAS

(818) 294-9270

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