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Doctor's Office Google Advertising

Google Advertising & Google Ad Management that Saves you time and money!
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MacEQ's Google advertising for a doctor's office is designed to handle a single or multi-specialty practice. Medical keywords are expensive, and if your Google advertising is not perfectly streamlined and your website's metadata not optimized, you could spend your ad budget without valid results. 


At MacEQ, we develop unique ads focused on each specialty customized for specific cities where your clients are located. Utilizing a proprietary system, we create multiple marketing campaigns, each with its distinct set of keywords and bid on each keyword individually to make sure you are always on the first page of Google search results.


Your advertising plan could include Google My Business, Webmaster Tools optimization and website metadata update, all synchronized with your Google ad keywords, resulting in your site's organic growth. We may suggest how to optimize your landing page and lastly, we embed analytics and Google tags to monitor client's traffic data and produce monthly analytics reports.


A MacEQ, we create different ad campaigns focused on each of your specialties. We do not lump all your medical specialties into one haphazard ad campaign. Instead, each customized specialty would contain a unique set of keywords and negative keywords, with specific ads designed to reach particular cities. Your monthly analytics reports would break down each campaign's performance.


MacEQ's proprietary system utilizes your ad budget effectively expecting the best return for every dollar you spend with Google. We do not waste your marketing dollar by randomly bidding the maximum dollar for keywords that require a minimum bid. We also employ hundreds of negative keywords to guarantee only qualified patients to contact you.

Online healthcare marketing is exceptionally competitive. Search Engine Marketing and Google advertising targets patients at the exact moment they are searching on Google for the services you offer.

Say goodbye to ineffective print advertising and begin reaching patients who are looking for exactly what you provide, call or email Ron at MacEQ: 818-294-9270

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