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Google Paid Advertising 

Google Paid Search Advertising & Google Ad Management Service

At MacEQ we provide Flat Fees, Daily Bid Management, and Monthly Analytics with every advertising plan. We do not "Laser" focus on a small number of keywords, having you bid higher resulting in expensive and ineffective campaigns; we utilize hundreds of keywords and complement it with negative keywords to circumvent unrelated clicks.

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Complete Google Plans

Google Paid Advertising plus SEO review

$499/Month, 6 Ads & 5 campaigns / Adgroups
$699/Month, up to 10 Ads & 8 campaigns / Adgroups
$999/Month, up to 12 Ads & 12 campaigns / Adgroups

Google advertising is the most effective way to reach customers, and Google advertising service (previously Adwords) allows your ads to show on Google's search results page.

MacEQ's Google ads will reach people searching for your type of business/product the very moment they are looking for companies in your area.

At MacEQ, we are focused on increasing your sales with a system that utilizes unlimited keywords, specific cities, and a multitude of Ads.

Google Adwors + SEO Anchor
Google Ads Selling Agent in Los Angeles & California

MacEQ's Pay Per Click Advertising works with all budgets, and our Gold PPC is the best small business advertising plan guaranteed to grow your leads and revenue*. Pay Per Click advertising works best when we combine it with an Optimized Website, so at MacEQ, we review your optimization at no charge. 


Your advertising plan will include Google My Business and website optimization as well as metadata update. We verify your Google My Business and website and update it with keywords that we use in your advertising through our Google optimization plan. Updating your website would improve its organic growth and result in better ad performance, and lower pay-per-click (PPC) costs. MacEQ will optimize a Google-friendly landing page and synchronize it with your ads and keywords to maximize impact and receive further cost efficiencies. Finally, we install an analytics code on your website to monitor your client's traffic and generate monthly analytic reports.


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