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Save by bundling Google Ads and SEO

Calibrated Google Advertising Plus SEO


Google Ads and SEO Work Hand in Glove

Google organic SEO promotion works hand in hand with Google advertising, so here are a few steps that we take alongside advertising your website on Google to make your total advertising efficient.


Major websites submission

We submit your website to 70 authority and significant publishers to promote your organic traffic, such as Apple Maps, Google, Yahoo, Mapquest, etc.  You could find a complete list of authority publishers available on our website.


Google Analytics

We install a Google analytics code and Google webmaster tag at your website to monitor the traffic that comes through your site. Your report clarifies which traffic comes through Paid Advertising, Organic traffic, Direct traffic, and Social site referrals.


Google My Business

No other software has the power to affect a company's local ranking more than Google my Business. You can see tangible local search improvement and rank your website higher when we create or update your Google My Business to improve your organic website traffic.


Optimize your website

SEO is an ever-changing algorithm language of search engines designed to connect visitors to your site. Appropriate keywords, page title, and page description are essential to your rankings in Google search results (SERP), so we track your meta tags and suggest the best and most effective keywords that once implemented at your website improve your organic traffic.

It's time to switch to MacEQ's

Organic SEO +

Google Ads

MacEQ Google Ads in Los Angeles, and California for guaranteed first page ranking

Did your SEO stop working?

Save while promoting your business

If you are serious about improving your website, you would have to take optimization, organic promotion, and analytics reporting into account.  Other ad agencies will charge you separately for every one of these services. When MacEQ manages your advertising, you avoid spending hundreds of dollars a month for Google organic promotion, SEO, analytic reporting, and keyword optimization that are essential in the rise of your website ranking, all included at no charge.


Serious about advertising your site

Calibrated steps implemented in a consistent periodic program is essential in improving your ranking with Google. We do not provide quick fixes, backlink schemes, and blackhat promotion schemes not approved by Google, as they will get you blacklisted and banned, hurting your site and your business forever.


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Google PPC Advertising and SEO Bundle Pricing- Save!

Save up to $200 a month when you have your website SEO Optimized alongside your Google Adwords Advertising Campaign.

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