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Google Paid Advertising Tips

tips to follow when designing your Google ads
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MacEQ's Google PPC Tips


When designing your Google advertising text ad you write an ad copy for a very tiny space. So use the same copywriting principles you would use if you were to write a 1000 word sales letter, although you are limited to a maximum of 30 characters for each of the three Google ad's headline, and 80 characters in the two Google Text Ad description areas. At MacEQ we mix and match from a few trusted advertising principles to improve the outcome of your Google Text advertising. Follow basic ad principles:

A- Don't be too gimmicky with your Google Text ads; there is not enough space to get cute.

B- When possible use specific numbers in your Google Advertising.

C- Use your phone number and address to make it easy for your customers to find you. At MacEQ we use Google Advertising Extensions adding a phone number and the address derived from your Google My Business site.

D- Advertise your specials and make sure that you identify the advertised special on the landing page on your website as well. Google text advertising connects the search inquiry, your ad, and landing page directing the query in a daisy chain to your special.

E- State your Guarantee, tell them about your free trials, your no-questions-asked return policy, or the great risk-free no-contract-required advertising specials!

F- Tell a story- people naturally follow a story to find out about the ending. 

Google Advertising Tips for Effective Google Ads

Google AdWords is a better method of advertising for small business, as you only pay when a client clicks on your ad or clicks on the phone number on your ad to call you. How much does Google advertising cost? Google allows you to pick your budget and displays your ads to specific cities locally. We employ Google Analytics, webmaster tools, in conjunction with Google's text advertising, to help reach customers who are searching for exactly what you are offering. The smaller number of cities, the tinier your bids.

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