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Has your SEO stopped working for good?

The End of SEO


Backlinks and gimmicky advertising,

For years, optimizing a website through link building was the most common way SEO companies made their money. But the recent Google algorithm updates have changed that. Previously, SEO (correctly called: link promotion) companies would improve your website's traffic by writing a ton of useless articles bulked up with your submitted 7 or 8 keywords. Then they would add a few blog comments and forum posts which puffed up your ranking which resulted in your site showing up in the first page of search results. 


Google's recent algorithm updates came along and those who were advertising through backlink plans are caught short as the backlink building ad firms cannot deliver the goods anymore. What is very clear is that there are only two efficient ways to gain higher ranking:


A- True Organic SEO (not just backlinking) which offers some traffic and is recommended by Google. 
B- Proper PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Advertising,


What about Proper Organic Backlinks

To properly promote your company by creating real links to outside sources, and not just paying a link building company to develop artificial connections is the only organic way to build backlinks for your website now. Create proper backlinks and add them to the organic optimization of your site to receive proper organic traffic, an effective way to gain organic web traffic and to improve your company's ranking. 


Lost Traffic and the End of SEO

You may hear that the new organic promotion has decimated SEO, but the way SEO companies advertised SEO was indeed a misnomer, and calling the SEO's decimation by the new Google algorithm update a red herring. SEO is not dead. SEO is still achievable but in smaller doses. Backlinks still work, but now you have to earn your backlinks rather than have them artificially created by an SEO company. Article links that carried a lot of value now only add marginal benefit to your ranking.


Should you advertise through SEO

If you are new to online advertising and wondering if you should pay an SEO company to promote your website or opt for Google PPC advertising,  here is a bit of history you ought to know:

For a long time, Google seemed to value "BACKLINKS" to your site above all other means to rank you higher. So SEO companies strategically added masses of links to clients' websites, many of which were empty and were built just for the fact that they would be a backlink. SEO companies grew rich and fat by calling link building "SEO or Organic Traffic". Once Google updated its algorithm, artificially created backlinks to keep clients on Google's first page of search results that served no true function became organically worthless. 


Link-promoting SEO marketing companies cried foul, but "SEO" companies should have known that Google was aware of the improper ranking promotion and would eventually compel websites to create proper and real links. Although I sympathize with my former colleagues, I think most SEO companies saw this coming and knew that Google always expected genuine SEO practices when promoting clients' sites. But easy money had its attraction, and the only way to correct the problem was to take away the punch bowl. So what to do now?


Organic Optimization and Proper Company Promotion 
If you were subscribing to an SEO firm that promoted your website through backlinks, the traffic you were receiving would not be there anymore. True Organic optimization means creating valid and real links, and considering the time it takes to create appropriate links; you will realize that SEO companies would not be able to deliver what was perhaps just a manipulation of an open door.


So what were the backlinking SEO companies to do? As creating true and genuine backlinks are time-consuming and costly for now, the backlinking SEO companies are just putting out an avalanche of feigned links as you watch your fake "backlink created traffic" keep falling. True SEO and genuine organic traffic would have to be supplemental with proper online Google Internet advertising. It is time for proper SEO and true Google advertising.


B- Proper Google Advertising

To be efficient in online internet marketing, you have to allocate a share of your advertising budget to PPC (Pay Per Click) Google advertising. While you pay Google for advertising, you are not subscribing to dubious backlink schemes and Google will provide you with top-notch advertising tools, no gimmicks and artificial backlinks required. 


How to advertise on Google

Select the best and the most reasonably priced pay-per-click ad management company to advertise for you. At MacEQ, we provide you with effective online Google Ad marketing. We supply monthly analytic reports showing your exact keywords per click expenses, and instead of just 7 or 8 keywords, we use hundreds of keywords in a legal and proper Google PPC advertising campaign to place you in front of your clients the moment they are searching for what you offer. You pay only when your clients click on your phone number or ad.


We maintain low monthly management fees and provide doctors, service companies, plumbers, landscape companies, authors, manufacturers, and artists with affordable advertising and website services. We do not participate in backlink schemes and only follow Google's approved practices in creating organic traffic for your website; we do not require a long-term contract yet assure you of a long-lasting guarantee of satisfaction.


Google PPC Advertising and SEO Bundle Pricing- Save!

Save up to $200 a month when you have your website SEO Optimized alongside your Google Adwords Advertising Campaign.

call us or fill out an evaluation form to get started; Consultation is always free. 

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