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Google Analytics Performance Reports

Google Analytics Reports & Expert Data Analysis‎ for Better ROI

At MacEQ we utilize Google Analytics in conjunction with Google Ads and Google site console tools to gain an in-depth understanding of a visitor's progress on your website. MacEQ generates a monthly Analytics report to define your visitor profiles for a better sense of a client's journey through your site. Analytics reports are available with our Google advertising plans.

You set your advertising budget; MacEQ helps to pick your keywords and write your ad copy. There is not a contract or minimum spending requirement. Google pay per click means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad or your phone number!

Advertising on Google has a steep learning curve, hence your DIY Google campaign, unproductive keywords selection, and rudimentary ads would eventually cost you money while you lose customers. MacEQ's Google advertising management sets concise monthly Analytic reports with no contracts and you only pay when someone clicks to reach you!

So, there is no need to attend training seminars and online courses to configure Google Analytics and Google Ads. Sign up for a pay-per-click (PPC) Google ad management plan, and we provide you with Analytics implementation, desktop and mobile ads, proprietary programmatic Ad management, keywords optimization, multiple ads, multiple daily bids, and remarketing.

MacEquity will implement your Google Analytic Code and Google Webmaster to provide you with easy to understand Analytics reporting

Google Analytics, Google ad interface, and Google search console provide traffic and interaction reports.

Google Analytics report. are available (fee*) with most PPC plans.

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