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Google and other new Keyword Research tools

Having a fully optimized website is a necessity in running a company with an online presence, and new keyword research tools are making the job of keyword management easier for small and medium size business owners. If you are managing your website, you face what content planners have faced all along, that keyword research takes up significant time and plays a vital role in the ubiquity of your website. Keyword research is an integral part of any search engine optimization strategy, and you should know how to find the best keywords for your business if you wish to use Google search advertising for your business. The best keyword finder and the most accurate keyword tool on the web, when you want to target Google search, is Google Keyword Planner; Yet by no means is Google Keyword Research is the only keyword research tool available to a website manager.

Here is a list of four keyword research tools gaining popularity with small to medium size business owners, developed to make the job of keywords research faster. We are naturally bypassing many of the tools that are costly or are focused on enterprise level while concentrating on the low cost or the tools that are available free of charge:

1- Google Correlate Although you may not have heard about Google Correlate, it is a helpful and efficient tool that works by taking searches and correlating them with trends happening on the web as well as in the real world. Google Correlate establishes patterns that you might not have ever realized until now and even lets you analyze keywords based on a variety of time periods.

2- Soovle Soovle, although not generating any final numbers for each keyword, is a multichannel tool covering Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Yahoo. Soovle allows you to grasp an idea of what your audience is interested in across a variety of channels. For example, you would be able to generate a comprehensive report from the current state of search on the internet by simultaneously searching YouTube's video content, Amazon's sales information and Wikipedia's educational articles while producing reports on the same page with live updates.

3- Ubersuggest The Ubersuggest platform is a keyword research tool with the added benefit of content research. To research a keyword, you enter a phrase or keyword; then you choose your medium of the web, images, or Yahoo. You set your language preference, and Ubersuggest will supply you with a list of related searches, with search volume, cost per click, and the percentage rate of competition; It will also show you the actual search volume and the level of competition.

4- Keyword.Guru The Keyword.Guru platform is a live search tool which provides you with suggestions about what people are searching for at any given time. It lets you know what is popular on all major search engines, and not just Google. Keyword.Guru is less technical than the other tools we listed above. Keyword.Guru is quite friendly especially if you want to see what are the most common searches, stripped of all the additional associated information, which could be overwhelming for starters.

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