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Introducing Google's neural based search advertising

Engineer's designed algorithms that automatically generate responses to each query is at the heart of Google's search advertising. These algorithms are based on a set of rules which Google's engineers have kept refining. Newly introduced Google's Responsive Ads are based on neural nets that learn on their own, not always requiring an engineer's tweaking. That's at the crux of the Google algorithm vs. Google's neural net question. Neural nets speed of learning and self-update will surpass what is humanly possible. So the sooner you start your AI-based responsive ads, the more Google's neural nets learn from your advertising minutiae; and in turn, you receive more accurate results and better conversions.

Google Search is where Google generates most of its revenue, and it's deep learning AI called RankBrain reaches into the Internet's most popular services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat and more. This deep learning artificial intelligence system helps construct responses to millions of search questions that go through Google's search engine every second of every day, 365 days a year while learning from everyone and every query. At MacEQ we are rolling out auto response AI supported Google Responsive Search ads to run alongside the standard Google's algorithms based search ads and tap into Google's vast RankBrain system.

To understand Google's neural networks envision the web of neurons in the human brain. By analyzing vast amounts of digital data, Google's artificial intelligence neural networks respond to internet search queries. These neural nets outperform Google's algorithm based advertising, which depends on Google engineers to update and tweak it. Hence once we provide the right metadata and keywords to the new Google AI-based advertising system, our ads would outperform your current advertising, improving your reach and finding clients not possible to reach before!

Google Search's Neural Network is the future of advertising, and we could get you set up so that you could tap into its potential starting now! You don't have to understand how neural nets work, just that neural nets are handling queries better than engineer designed algorithmic rules at work now; and if the future of Google Search is in artificial intelligence, we want our clients to tag along for the ride and share in Google's AI's success.

It will not be long that the success of Google' AI based responsive ads will permeate into Google's "organic search" program. You will be wise to tap into AI based neural net Google search ads and to be on board when the Google organic becomes fully integrated into the AI program as well.

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